Minimum order quantity: 1 pallet (100 pieces)


A reverse osmosis filtration system which produces water suitable for fish tanks and aquariums. Filtered water shows a high degree of purity, demineralisation and trace overall hardness. Such water can be used to prepare the desired composition for every type of aquarium. The system has various usage otions: it can filter water before sensitive equipment, e.g. laboratory machines, but can be also used as a kitchen filter.
sand, rust, river mud, silt, pollen, microorganisms, carbon dust, chlorine, heavy metals pesticides, detergents and phenoles.


  • the most economical model of high quality filters
  • complete filter set made of white and grey parts
  • distinguishing look
  • protects aquarium equipment from scale and mechanical impurities
  • can be used for both: drinking water and technical use,
  • compact size
  • produces clean crystal water and removes chlorine harmful for fish
  • tank-less ffilter system
  • BPA free certfied