Ultra 3


Filtration system making use of reverse osmosis to produce water suitable for aquariums. Filtered

water shows a high degree of purity, demineralisation and trace overall hardness. Such water can

be used to prepare the desired composition for every type of aquarium. System has various usage options, can filter water before sensitive equipment, laboratory machines, but can be used as a kitchen filter as well.


  • the most economical model of high quality filters
  • complete filter set made of white and grey parts
  • can be used for drinking water and technical use
  • protects aquarium equipment from scale and mechanical impurities
  • small dimensions
  • produces clean crystal water and removes chlorine harmful for fish
  • tank-less filter system
  • BPA free certified



1. Sediment Cartridge

Removes sand, rust, river mud, fluvial silt, pollen, carbon dust and other precipitates  Water is free of mechanical impurities. Cartridge protects next stages of filtration

2. RO Platinum Membrane

Of all available technologies used for water treatment in domestic applications, Osmotic Membrane guarantees the most effective cleaning of water.

3. Carbon Cartridge

Cartridge consists of granular activated carbon. Improves smell and taste of water.